Blockly Courses, Classes & Training Tutorials

By definition, Blockly is completely a client-side JavaScript library that creates and develops the visual block editors and programming languages. It also supports multiple paradigms and programming languages in a wide range of IT projects and app development tasks. Google introduced Blockly for the help of Android and iOS developers. Blockly runs in a supported and multiple-featured browser to create the editors and languages.

Free Google Blockly Training Tutorial for Beginners

  • Suitable for Beginners
  • Free Course
  • Duration: 37 Minutes
  • Certification Not Available

Blockly Intermediate Course (Appshed Academy)

Learn how to use Blockly and build games quickly

  • Suitable for Intermediate Developers
  • Premium Course
  • Duration: 5 Hours

Introduction to Blockly (Grok learning)

  • Suitable for Intermediate Developers
  • Premium Course
  • 9 Modules
  • Certification Available

ActivityBot and Blockly Course (Parallax)

Learn to Build Programming with ActivityBot using Blockly

  • Suitable for Professionals
  • Premium Course

Why Blockly?

When it comes to learning programming and other IT skills, most people give preference to Blockly. It is the foundation for web developers and software programmers. They can use this library for creating and developing visual editors and programming languages. Of course, Blockly also supports the developers in developing responsive web themes and pages.

Why Learn Blockly?

Every learner sets some particular goals with the learning of Blockly skills and disciplines. They want to bring some excellent and profitable changes in their programming career. Secondly, they learn this JavaScript library because it has unlimited direct and big applications in multiple programming languages and IT careers. So, they have a great interest to learn this library.

Blockly for Beginners

In present, the people seek the client-side JavaScript library and applications to start a programming career. They find Blockly most effective and profitable for their IT careers. Usually, they need to learn only key applications, tools and features of this library. It is fine for them to target clean code generation by Blockly disciplines and editors. This application carries huge value in the IT industry.

Further, they must draw some outlines for learning Blockly comprehensively and successfully. They must divide their learning process into a few segments. Basically, they should read about Blockly and watch some tutorials regarding how to use it. Further, they need to make practices after taking every lecture. Finally, they should choose some tests for testing their skills and verifying them.

Blockly for Intermediate Developers

Blockly is extremely useful for intermediate developers. They can use an integration of this JavaScript library to design multiple block editors, computer programming languages and other apps. In these days, most intermediate developers want to learn the applications of Blockly in iOS and Android Operating System development. For this; they learn Blockly codes and modules that integrate with both platforms.

It is not an easy job to learn Blockly and its applications. In fact, the intermediate developers should keep testing their newly learned skills over time. In this way; they will improve their confidence and experience to use Blockly in designing the blocks for programming languages and editors. In fact, the quiz test is good for average developers.

Blockly for Professional Developers

Advanced programmers always use Blockly in integration with different programming languages and disciplines. They aim at learning SVG, multiple code execution, compatibility with different browsers and integration with several key programming languages. These are more essential segments that proficient developers should learn in Blockly training programs. They should do practices after learning each of these skills.

Proficient developers strongly believe in skill tests. They always give huge importance to these tests that help them in estimating their final score in an exam. Usually, automation and comprehensive tests are good for these developers. They should choose different skill tests to enhance their knowledge, experience and grow their score.

Blockly supports a number of programming languages. It integrates with popular programming languages to design different apps and visual block editors. That is why; the interest among the professionals and IT students has been growing to learn Blockly as well as languages for choosing a programming career in real life.