Cobol Courses for Beginners, Intermediate & Professional Developers

COBOL is among the top programming languages with special features to organize business computing programs such as finance and human resource. What is the specialty of COBOL? As a matter of fact, it utilizes proper English words, sentences, and phrases rather than using complex languages difficult to understand. It is commonly used to develop solutions for businesses using multiple types of computers.


How to Learn?

We encourage the learners to focus on highly specific COBOL Courses available online. Choose the valuable courses in order to determine the COBOL language and its features. It is really simple to identify the combination of FLOW-MATIC while attending the workshops and training sessions. It is now easy to build Large Text Based programs.


What to Learn?


As a matter of fact, COBOL has become one of the attractive tools to develop Legacy Codes. These are usually developed for Y2K. Beginners are suggested to learn how to develop legacy codes. They are also required to see the requirements of financial institutes using this programming language for working.



Support applications are widely used with COBOL. For example, the modernization apps are important when designing working setups and structures for the financial companies and institutes. Intermediate users are suggested to check the number of applications necessary for the proper COBOL utilization. The use of DevOps Movement is an example for them.



At this level, you will need to have knowledge about combination and compatibility of COBOL and other primary languages. Expert developers will need to see text-based processes and coding languages. The most important languages to be learned include C++, ASP.NET, and Java. Knowledge about integrated development environment is the most important thing for expert developers.


1. Professional COBOL Programming

Professional COBOL Programming

  • Technical Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Price: $19.99
  • Duration: 2 hours 30 mins
  • Type: Online
  • Certification: Yes

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2. COBOL Programming

COBOL Programming

  • Technical Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Price: $24.99
  • Duration: 7 hours 30 mins
  • Type: Online
  • Certification: Yes

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3. Mainframe COBOL

Mainframe COBOL

  • Technical Level: Advanced
  • Price: $29/ Month Subscription
  • Duration: 2 hours 41 mins
  • Type: Online
  • Certification: No

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How to Become Pro?

  • Numerous institutes, schools, and universities offer COBOL learning courses and classes. However, it would be better to choose effective courses online for quick learning.
  • Users must develop strong knowledge and concepts about programming languages as mentioned in the discussion above. It is necessary to establish support applications while using COBOL.
  • Improve your engineering, development and computer skills. COBOL heavily relies on computer skills. You will need to support computer programming while using this tool.
  • Get knowledge about financial terms, setups, and requirements. COBOL is a tool commonly used in banking, insurance and finance sectors.
  • Learn how to develop codes for programming. Whether you use COBOL alone or with other languages such as C++, it is essential to have knowledge about code development.
  • Programming codes developed should be tested before final launch. This minimizes the risk of failure in the computer programming.
  • You need to see risk management strategies. These strategies will be applied in the computer program development with the help of COBOL.
  • Financial setups are always sensitive so learn what types of risks are present.
  • Numerous threats are present around. Therefore, it is essential to secure the programs.
  • It is necessary to learn code completion, inline syntax evaluation, and visual code structure analysis.


After reading 10 COBOL programming tips, it becomes easy for developers to utilize this amazing programming language. Developers are suggested to learn other popular programming languages in order to make a bright future in this field. Join the best COBOL courses for advanced learning.