Which Programming Language should I learn first

The interest of the people in programming languages has reached the peak because these languages offer them unlimited career-building opportunities. If you don’t know what is programming, you should read informative articles and watch some video tutorials. In fact, programming is the backbone of Global IT Industry and services. The career in programming can be more profitable and successful for the programmers.


How to Learn Programming?

The people must figure out the motives and reasons to learn programming languages. Secondly, they should check out the scope of these languages. Further, they can find out the right places to learn programming languages. They should read useful and informative contents about programming languages, their types and easy ways to learn them perfectly.

Further, they should start learning from easy programming languages. In this way; they can understand the programming modules, codes, and disciplines. Finally, they should compare popular programming languages and choose the best one that can make their career more successful. They should get training regularly and do countless practices continuously.


10 Programming Languages You Should Learn First



HTML is a Markup Programming Language that brings a wide array of codes and disciplines for the developers. This language is the most suitable to integrate with CSS and JavaScript for large development projects. It is a highly recommended language for web apps, pages, and theme development.



JavaScript is completely an interpreted, high-level and dynamic programming language. It provides the base to all programming learners and trainers. Basically, JavaScript is an excellent coding language for software, network apps, mobile applications and web development motives.



PHP is totally a scripting programming language that is specific for web development. It gives unique codes and programming disciplines to developers for designing web themes, page layouts, and web apps.



Java is a fundamental computer programming language with object-oriented, class-based, high-level and general-purpose features. It is widely used in developing mobile apps, software and web themes for multiple platforms as well as devices.



Python is a general-purpose, interpreted and high-level programming language that is compatible for multiple paradigms and platforms. Python is also a good programming language to develop the specific software and web applications. Its integration with C++, Java, and C is more valuable for programmers.



Ruby is a general-purpose, high-level, reflective, object-oriented and interpreted programming language. It gives unique codes and modules to develop video games, software and web apps. Further, this programming language is also a good source of codes and disciplines to update the network apps and software.


C Language

It is an imperative and general-purpose computer programming language that facilitates the programmers in software and web app development. It gives the programmer’s memory management and many other functions that are useful in application development.



Swift is an Apple production for its specific Operating Systems and devices. In general, Swift is a multi-paradigm and general-purpose programming language. The Apple developers and programmers use this language to develop iOS and other operating systems.



C Sharp is another popular programming language which you should learn. It is good for multiple paradigms, while it suits the web and app development needs of the programmers. The language integrates with multiple computer programming languages for complex software and application development.



SQL is a programming language with a variety of functions, specs, and features. It is also best for storing and managing the data on some relational database management systems. Finally, SQL programming language supports multiple paradigms and cross platforms.


Many people do not know how to learn programming languages. They should go through reliable programming tips and then draw an outline for learning these languages completely and easily. They must concentrate on the ways to learn a programming language and do as many practices as they can execute easily. Practices and good learning will make you a professional programmer.